Locks and Safes Advice for Better Security

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Locks and safes are such an integral part of any building or home in terms of security. Therefore, finding the right kind of a locksmith or safe specialist can make a big difference in security. There are many different brands we cater for:

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Branded Locks

MultLock – Abloy – Assa – Yale – Union – ERA – EVVA – ABS – Garrison – GU – Mila – Winhacks – Kaba – Meroni – Avocet – ISEO – Lowe & Fletcher – Asec – Tessi – Simplex – Ronis – Eurolocks and many more you can find here.

Branded Safes

Yale – Churchhill – Rosengrens – Sentry – Phoenix – Securakey – Tecnomax – Leigh – Arfe – Fichet Bauche – Dudley

Of course, locks and safes come in wide range of varieties accompanied with replacing, servicing and re-keying services.

Nowadays, people are going for key less door lock systems for their homes, e.g. the biometric systems where door lock systems can prove to be quite effective in keeping your building or homes secure while taking away the burden of having to carry a heavy bunch of keys with you every time. It is no secret that there are always some locks that are better than others, and you do not have to end up with the inferior kind of lock. Would we?

On the other hand, with the improvement of technology and banking systems, safes have started to disappear from homes. However, they are still present in banks and other places where there is a need to keep something safe and intact. With the quick degradation of technology, buying second-hand safes can get a bit risky.


AVOCET: the most high-security lock manufactured by this company is the ABS MK3 snap. Though it varies in the price tag, it offers a better solution to aluminum, wooden and composite doors.

MULTLOCK: this kind of lock has an inbuilt electromechanical locking mechanism that uses a code to unlock. Due to this reason, it offers a better solution to your security needs.

Chubb: this is the top provider for fire safety and security products. This comprises of locks and safe making Chubb a specialist on resistant and electronic locks and key systems.

ABLOY: this lock producer has several products to meet customer’s demand for the security lock. Examples of such products include SC211 and SC210 and other equipment that need special locking system.

Yale: the most useful digital lock invention is the Yale lock. The product gives comprehensive security for your home or building.

Union: protect your family, business, and property with union sg lock and safe. The lock can be easily replaced and if you’ve lost your key, re-keying can be done.

ASSA: this is a top established company known for high-security cam locks you may find in the market. Their designs are best for inner safes, compartments, and other storage facilities.

ERA: yet again, this is a top producing company for era locks.

These are quality locks you can find in the market to the best of your security.


Security: the top reason you are buying a lock or a safe is because you want you valuable items more secure. Therefore you should go for a more secure lock or safe. However, this will depend on your financial budgeting. The first thing you can look for is the material used for making either a lock or a safe. This will guarantee your security to the highest levels. For maximum protection, go for those made of steel material.

Cost: safes and locks vary on their cost. This depends on the quality and the size. Therefore, choose a safe or a lock that can accommodate your financial need.

Locking system: the common locking systems are dial and digital locks. The same goes for safe. Dial locks involve a combination of correct numbers. The advantage with dial locks with dial locks is that you cannot get locked out when a mechanical problem occurs. However, you need a lock specialized when you need to change the locks. On centrally, digital locks have a better advantage when it comes to your security. For you to open them, you need to put a secret pin or number thus no many struggles when opening them. However, they use a battery that requires regular replacement.

Size: this factors of consideration applies for safe. Buying a bigger safe than your personal needs does not economize on space but rather uses a larger space.