Gate Lock Repairs Dublin

Gate Lock Repairs Dublin

Home Gate Lock and Bolt System Ever felt unsafe living in your own home only because the locks of your gate that broke a week back are still left unrepaired? Or maybe because you live in an unsafe neighborhood where gate locks are a must and you still have not found someone who could do it for you? It’s important to know that repairing gate locks is definitely not rocket science. With the right product, tools and an easy guide manual you can do it by yourself for half the cost.

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There are many problems that come with gate locks. Either the lock could be frozen or stuck or may even not work due to it being dirty and what not. Many of these issues related to gate locks could be solved before it becomes too serious if you know where the issue exactly is.

At a point where the gate locks are in serious damage and need to be repaired it is best to contact a locksmith who obviously knows what he is doing. Unless you want to do it entirely by
yourself, then it is advisable to repair the complete lock for assurance and guarantee. Gate locks and knobs could be easily purchased online.

Unlike locks, exterior latches are quite expensive in comparison. Rather than going to the lengths of finding the right lock, purchasing it, studying the easy guide manual and spending a day or even more on fixing a lock that probably has a minor issue, it is best to leave it in the trusted hands of a lock smith. It could be a tad bit more costly than doing it by one’s self but it is definitely so much simpler and easier and time saving.

Door Repair Services:

  • Gate Lock Repair
  • Gate Lock Replace
  • Gate Key Cutting
  • All Types of Gates
  • Handles, Hinges, Locks

Our call centre offers a 365 day help policy and will answer to any doubt that needs to be cleared in relation to doors, locks and latches, gates and so on. If a customer is in dire need of a door technician, we will have a qualified professional sent to your location right away.

Our locksmiths and door technicians on a twenty four hour basis, provides an estimated cost to customers that have an issue in a 20 mile radius from the location of the business organization making it easier for clients to have a basic idea on how much they should set aside for the payment.


Gate Lock Repair


Ken from Locksmiths 24/7 came to my rescue! Our gate lock got broken in a burglary attempt. Lucky enough I had my phone in my hand because I gave Locksmiths 24/7 a call and Ken was out to me within 30 minutes. Job Done!
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