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If you ever find yourself locked out of your apartment without anyone to help you out, the only person to come to your rescue would be your neighborhood locksmith. And as you find yourself safe and sound in the cozy comfort of your home, you thank the locksmith.

South Dublin Locksmith Ken Lynch

South Dublin Locksmith

Ken Lynch
Mobile: 086 222 0 222
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North Dublin Locksmith Barry Lynch

North Dublin Locksmith

Barry Lynch
Mobile: 087 333 1 333
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West Dublin Locksmith Cliff Lynch

West Dublin Locksmith

Cliff Lynch
Mobile: 087 247 2470
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South Dublin Locksmith Ken Mooney

Dublin City Locksmith

Ken Mooney
Mobile: 086 222 0 222
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Mobile Emergency Locksmith 24/7

Mobile Dublin Locksmith

Call 24 hour
Mobile: 1800 47 47 47
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Key Cutting Dublin Shop

20 Upper Abbey Street, Dublin

9am – 6pm
Shop: 01 5543 911
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Locksmiths have evolved to fit into the era of technological advances and computerized locks. We do more than just create customized locks and keys. Our Locksmiths now work as ‘Security consultants’ to offer a complete range of services for homes and offices alike. Commercial requirements of security are many and require expert locksmiths to handle it all. Whether it is a master key design or mechanical, electronic key pad lock, the expert professionals of locksmiths247 now proficiently handles it all.

  • An established local locksmith
  • Full member of Irish Locksmith Association
  • Shropshire Telford and Wrekin trade register
  • Non destructive entry specialist
  • UPVC door repair specialist
  • Fast response times
  • 24 hour emergency services
  • Locks opened, supplied and fitted
  • Master and restricted key systems supplied and fitted
  • Anti pick, anti bump, anti drill and anti snap kite marked cylinders
  • Same day installation service available

Security Services

  • Mechanical & electronic keypad locks
  • Key storage – key boxes & key cabinets
  • High quality commercial grade locks & padlocks
  • Restricted / master key system design & installation
  • Meter locks for power / service industry & fire department access
  • Access control security – remote, keypad & fingerprint Readers

Want To Know About  Master Keying?

You do know that you may only need one key for all the locks in your home or business?

Locks can be keyed alike of the same brand/manufacture which can usually mean they are all on same key. This means that you can replace a bunch of keys with a single key.

Master keying can also mean that two different and distinct keys can open one lock. One being the key for the lock and the other being the master key to allow open all locks.

Having the need for Master keying can regulate access to specific areas/ zones while having one master key that accesses all areas/zones.

A Masterkey system allows control of access to different rooms/areas of an office, business, building or home.

Master Keying systems can be set up several different ways:

KEYED ALIKE – two, three or more locks can be operated with the same key.

samakeskne Locksmith Services

CENTRAL LOCKING – two or more different keys operate a common lock as well as individual locks in a system.

Often used in office blocks or apartments. Each apartment/office has its own key which will not operate the doors to another apartment/office but will operate the locks to communal doors.(Main doors)

kesklukustus Locksmith Services

MASTER KEYED – all locks are operated by individual keys and with a master key.

Each lock has its own individual key which will operate no other lock in the system. There is a master key which will operate all locks in the system.

peavotme susteem Locksmith Services

GRAND MASTER KEYED – locks operated by multiple levels of keys and master keys.

Master Keying can be designed under a master key system to suit any sequence of doors by way of cylinder operated locks, padlocks, cam and cabinet locks, mortice locks or any combination of these locks to suit your security needs.