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Looking Forward To Install A Smart Lock At Your House Or Business, TEDEE Smart Locks Is The Best Choice And Dyno Locks And Alarms Dublin Can Install Upgrade Your Locks Into Smart, powerful and efficient Security System.

Unlock your door with your Smartphone.

  • Convenience - Control your door lock with a smartphone... from wherever you are. Expecting visitors? Share access to the lock or unlock the door remotely. Use the app to easily share digital keys to your lock – both permanent and temporary ones. You'll never lose or copy another key in your life! Hands full of shopping bags after a shopping spree? The lock will let you in... hands free!
  • Efficiency - You don't have to buy and replace any batteries! Thanks to the lock’s ultra-low energy consumption and a powerful rechargeable battery you can operate your lock for months... then recharge it overnight. Looking for your keys? That’s a thing of the past! Install your tedee lock, pair it with the app and unlock your door with a single tap on your smartphone or Apple Watch.
  • Design & Usability - Enjoy the sleek eye-catching design that suits any apartment and office entryway. It's small, smart and powerful. The built-in battery powers the lock for six months on one charge. You can recharge it using a micro USB cable with a convenient magnetic connector that will easily unplug if you need it to.


The Smart Lock provides instant notifications when the door is locked or unlocked. Your home & business is safe.

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tedee set

The complete tedee product package contains the smart locking mechanism, a certified Gerda lock cylinder for your existing lock, the Wi-Fi-enabled remote bridge and required accessories. You will also need to download the tedee App.


Gerda Patented Drive :

tedee lock was designed by IoT experts and GERDA engineers – the leading company in the security products.

256-bit encryption key :

The highest security level, based on the latest TLS 1.3 encryption protocol with a 256-bit key.

No weak points:

Extensive security tests have shown that the tedee lock has no weak spots.

Your standard survival kit: wallet, phone, keys... Discover tedee smart lock and forget the keys!

Keep your keys in your smartphone or Apple Watch

Looking for your keys? That’s a thing of the past! Install your tedee lock, pair it with the app and unlock your door with a single tap on your smartphone or Apple Watch.

Open Your Door Contactlessly

Getting in with hands full? With automatic door opening feature you won’t have to look for your keys or even pull the smartphone out of your pocket. The lock will open the door for you as soon as you get close.

  • Notifications : Pick the notifications that you want to see and stay up to date. You’ll know everything about what’s going on with your lock.
  • Controlling your lock : Control the lock using the app from wherever you are. Check if the door lock status or lock and unlock the door with a single finger tap.
  • Door lock history log : Check who unlocked and locked the door and when. The log stores details about everything that’s been going on with your lock. You can access the log from anywhere and maintain full vigilance over access to your home or office.
  • An all-in-one app : Manage as many locks as you like at the same time from a single app.