20 Locksmith Security Tips Every Homeowner Should Adhere To

20 Locksmith Security Tips

Security is one of the most important aspects of a home. Let’s face it, no one would live in a place or home where security is threatened. Anything that jeopardizes your safety and security of that of your property and other dwellers in your home or apartment can be a recipe for trouble. When it comes to home security, there are many factors involved.

Some of these include the quality of your doors and windows as well as their locks, security systems such as alarms and sensor lights, CCTV cameras, and much more. Home Security is one of the reasons locksmiths are one of the most important service providers for homeowners. Additionally, it also depends on how cautious and careful you are when closing your doors, setting up security systems, storing your spare keys, and such. Below is a comprehensive list of 20 locksmith security tips you want to know if home security is all that important for you.

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1. Check Whether Your Exterior Door Needs an Upgrade

Your front door is one of the most important doors when it comes to home security. If you don’t have a solid hardwood or metal construction for your front door, then it might be time, you considered upgrading. Be sure to reinforce glass panels as well.

2. Check That Your Locks Are Standard Quality

Due to normal wear and tear from usage and the effects of weather elements, some door locks may succumb to certain pressures, become weaker, and easier for burglars to pick. It is also important to check and confirm that the installer used standard quality locks, say after a home remodel or door upgrade. Lock ratings may vary from country to country but deadbolts and mortise locks are considered the most secure for entry doors.

3. Change Your Door Locks When Moving In

If you’re just moving in or have recently moved into a new home, it can be wiser to have all your door locks changed. This is especially the case if you don’t personally know the previous owner of the house. If the previous tenant or owner had some spare keys, they can still gain access to your property when you are away.

4. Avoid Leaving You Keys in the Locks

How you store your keys or where you place them, is also important as far as home security is concerned. Leaving your keys in the locks or another easily accessible place such as the windows or letter box increases the chances of bad minded people gaining access to your house. At all costs, avoid leaving them in the locks.

5. Always Lock Your Doors When Leaving

It may sound obvious, but wait until you convince yourself that you are not going far. Unless you have someone in your house that you can trust, it is always a wise idea to always lock the doors when going out. You never know who’s been watching you.

6. Lock Your Outdoor Spaces Too

Outdoor home places such as sheds and garages should also be locked, especially when there is no one in the home. This is because most of these spaces are storage facilities for tools such as drills, mattocks, shovels, screwdrivers, and such. These can be used to gain forceful entry into your home even if it’s locked.

7. Install Security Alarms

Security alarm systems are also crucial, even though quality locks are of a higher priority. It can be a better idea to install monitored security alarms serviced by a company that is reputed when it comes to quick response. It can be more advisable to have your alarm system serviced at least 2 times a year.

8. Install Security Lights & Cameras

Security lights are crucial as they scare burglars away, especially if you have neighbors around and you’re not at home. Thieves also fear getting caught on camera when conducting malicious acts. Installing CCTV and security lights can enhance your home’s security a great deal.

9. Have Spare Keys but Keep Them Secure

To avoid lockouts and allow someone else or other family members access to your home, spare keys are crucial. As a matter of fact, key cutting is one of the most popular services provided by most local expert locksmiths. However, you should as much as possible, try to avoid stashing your extra pair of keys on places such as the flower pot or under the doormat. Thieves know those places.

10. Install Some Privacy Shutters or Curtains

Curtains and window shutters can help beef up your home’s privacy by restricting peepers from viewing inside your home. This makes your home less of a target as opposed to leaving your windows exposed.

11. Have a Standard Quality Home Safe

Having a safe in your home is also advantageous in many ways. Any valuables whose immediate use is not frequently required would better go into the safe. These include things such as documents (title deeds, passports, checkbooks), jewelry, and other items of value including spare cash. If you own a licensed gun for security and safety purposes, it is also advisable to have a separate safe for it.

12. Make it Look Like You’re Home

If you really have to rush outside and you’re absolutely sure you won’t take long, make it look like you are home. You can do this by putting some music on and turning your light timers on. This way, it is easier for someone to stay away thinking that there’s someone home unless they’ve been extremely watchful targeting you.

13. Consider Digital Locks

Digital or keyless locks are highly advantageous as compared you other lock types, in the fact that they allow you to put a passcode combination that is only known to you. In case you forget your code, home security and locksmith companies always have a way of resetting it for you. Some sophisticated types are also available, where the door only opens when triggered by your thumbprint.

14. Change Your Passcode Combinations Often

If you have a keyless lock on places such as the front door, safe, or garage door, be sure to keep your combination a secret. This is just like your phone’s password or your bank card pin. Avoid writing it down because someone can easily gain access and use it to rob your home.

15. Keep Your Windows Locked When Going Out

Leaving your windows open can sure save you some costs on air conditioning if it’s important to you that you find your place less dumpy and smelly when you get back. However, some windows can be easy entry points for your burglars into your property.

16. Upgrade Your Windows

As noted from the point above, windows can actually give a big advantage to burglars as entry points. Depending on your security needs and preferences, you may want to upgrade your windows to new ones with shatterproof glass panels. Depending on the window framing, burglars can also use sophisticated tools to gain entry into your property.

17. Install Peep Hole on your door

If your door doesn’t have one, ensure you install a peephole to allow you to first see who is at your front door before opening. Beware of some thieves who trick homeowners by posing as homeless and desperate persons to take advantage and gain forceful entry once the door is opened.

18. Check Your Door Hinges

Your front door can mistakenly be installed in such a way that door hinges or lock screws are left exposed from your entry door’s exterior side. This makes the home an easy target for intruders. Such doors should be removed and reinstalled with the door hinges and lock plate screws facing towards the interior.

19. Always Hire a Reputed Locksmith

Whenever you need your locks changed, a new set of keys cut or new locks installed, be sure to deal with a reputed locksmith with many years of experience in the industry. Experienced professionals have a reputation and brand name to maintain. They will never share your home’s secrets with anyone without your approval unless it’s a matter of national security.

20. Schedule a Home Security Survey with a Qualified Locksmith

Last but not least, you can never be really sure that your home is completely top-shape in terms of security. It can be a great idea to call a professional locksmith and have a security survey conducted for your home. The good thing is that some companies actually provide free lock inspection and consultation services for home security.

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