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Steel Doors – Supply & Fit Dublin

steel door home dublinEveryone wants to have a home to live in – a house where he or she can find refuge and safety from the dangers of the world. Every individual yearns for the nurturing and warm arms of a place he can call home. But the home is an image of security and peace, and if evil can come into it, its ultimate purpose is destroyed. That is why steel doors are becoming more and more popular.

Homeowners need a guaranteed answer to their security issues. One available option that is becoming more and more popular today is the use of steel doors.

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While steel doors may be commonly found in high-security places like banks, they are not exclusively used for that purpose. There are even a wide variety of steel doors available in the market. A usual misconception of steel doors is that they are plain and dull, but the truth is steel doors are flexible can be used almost anywhere.

home security steel doorsSteel doors are usually made of steel, but they are not necessarily 100% steel. Some steel doors make use of wood accents and edges; others glass elements, or a combination of the two materials. Whichever may it be, steel doors are still guaranteed to provide the security and protection that homeowners are looking for in their doors because they are durable, long-lasting, and weather-resistant. The priority of a homeowner in building a house is to provide protection and security to his family.

No homeowner would want to see his family in danger all because of a defective door. This is the reason why choosing a door should be done with care and thought, and consider a higher budget for it. Surely the family is more important than a couple hundred dollars, and if the main concern is the safety of the family, then a steel door is a homeowner’s best choice.

Composite Doors – Install & Fitted Dublin

Composite doors come in all shapes and sizes and have revolutionized the way families’ keep their homes secure. The strongest and most rigid material is used to create a composite door and this ensures that opportunist burglars are deterred from attempting to break in to your home. It is these types of burglars that you need to deter because these are the most common type. When this type of door first came available on the market some customers were priced out as they were in short supply but this has all changed now and there are some great deals to be found especially if you look online.

As mentioned, they come in all shapes and sizes so that homeowners can find the right one to match their requirements. This includes the color and type as each customer is going to be different from another. The obvious place to install one is the front and back door as these are the main entry points into your home; alternatively you can install fire doors if you have doors that lead from a garage to the home then these types of doors are great additions to your home as they add a level of security and style to your home.

PVC Doors

Compared to wooden ones, PVC doors are definitely more durable. This thanks to the material they’re crafted from, a very tough plastic called polyvinyl chloride. PVC doors are available in many different colors. Some even mimic the appearance of expensive wooden counterparts.

Steel Doors Dublin


The guys in Locksmiths 24/7 are such a delight to work with. Barry dropped out to install our Steel Front Door on our new building in Dublin City Centre. He was fast efficient and you wouldn’t have known he was even here.
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