Window Lock Alarm

Alarm Window Lock

There is a new Alarm Window Lock that has been specifically designed to keep you and your family safe and secure, it also has a built in alarm that sounds if the event that the blank

alarm window lock

alarm window locks

window is opened. It is a fully flexible window lock that can be used with ease by an old age pensioner or any one that needs to either secure a window with extra security in mind. It is suitable for all UPVC windows, the Alarm window lock can be installed vertically and at a hight suitable to avoid a child to be able to open the window. Suitable for both UPVC and wooden window frames raised frames that have a raised edge. 

The Alarm Window Lock : 

  • The Window Lock Alarm is designed to keep you safe when locked.
  • A lock that allows you to lock your window with that added security and an alarm. 
  • Features easy operation operated with quick release fitting in the event of fire.
  • Is easy to install and is suitable for both UPVC and wooden windows.
  • Can be installed easy.
  • Each pack features one lock including two batteries.