Turn Your Home Into A Fortresses with Artificial Intelligence

Rapid strides in artificial intelligence and the advances in IoT have made possible unimaginable security features to keep your home/office secure. There’s a range of highly sophisticated products that can work with your Apple or Android device, unfolding a higher level of security around your place. You can now expect to receive visuals, images, alerts and various notifications from your premises as soon as an unexpected activity is noticed.

Turn Your Home Into A Fortresses with Artificial Intelligence
Turn Your Home Into A Fortresses with Artificial Intelligence

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Motion Detecting Sensors

Remote Cameras with motion detection sensors can instantly beam & stream live footage, the moment, they notice any movement. It can also store images of individuals for automatic recognition as well, Thanks to concepts of Artificial Intelligence.

Superior Configurable Sensors

One can also opt in for Technically Advanced Sensors that can help home owners to monitor room temperature inside rooms that could have been changed due to an opened window.

Triggering Alarms to First Responders

Smart Systems can notify first responders depending on the type of emergency or security situation, which will help in getting the right kind of intervention for a particular security threat.

Registering and transmitting Abnormal Sounds

While it is possible to cover an entire home with multiple security cameras, it may sometimes be difficult to achieve full coverage. With AI systems, abnormal sounds can be picked up by sensors to alert and trigger other devices.

Smart Integration of Devices for Greater Collaborative Security

Smartly integrating different security features in your residence can transform the home into a virtual fortress with door sensors, cameras, lights, locks, event based alerts and notifications.

Benefits of Using Smart Security

Increased Privacy

With Artificial Intelligence, users get the advantage of maximum privacy. You need not have to contend with the uneasy feeling of having someone intrude into your privacy all the time.

Cut Down Human Error

With AI powered devices and integrated security systems, it is possible to have a system in place that will work continually with split second, event driven triggers, without human fatigue.

Intelligent Action Perception

AI cameras have the power to decode an intruder’s intent by understanding body language and movements. Combined with recognition, it is possible to confirm possible criminal intent and can automatically send alert notification to the designated responder.

Cutting Down False Positives

Home owners often face the prospect of false alarms. With AI security systems that have the power of perception, false positives are eliminated, thereby offering greater security.

Compare Normal Routine and Scenarios with Abnormal Situations

Regular cameras do not have the power to distinguish between situations. With AI in security cameras, it is possible to distinguish between a break-in, by understanding the connect between a smashed window and suspicious movements of unrecognized faces.

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