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simplex-lock-7104 Simplex Push button locks are ideal for securing homes and business. They can be used with ease of use. In order to enter, you would push buttons on the keypad to enter a pin number or code into the system. Once the correct number is entered, the door automatically opens. Once you go through the door it either locks itself behind you, or you may need to pull it shut.

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Simplex Push Button Locks

simplex-lock The main reason for the popularity of this type of lock is due to it being one of the best as far as security goes. Part of the security they offer is that they do not depend on keys to open and shut the door. Keys are the weakest link, many times, in the security chain. Keys are lost, forgotten, illegally copied, and if you are operating a business or an apartment it is often very difficult to keep track of them all. A key falling into the wrong hands could be very damaging to your business or your home, should someone break in and steal from you.

There are two major types of simplex push button lock. One is the mechanical Simplex Unican locks, the other the electronic lock. Basically they operate in much the same way, and both provide excellent security. The Simplex Unican locks are easier to use and maintain, as it is very straightforward and there are no electronics involved. It also does not need a battery or any other power source to operate properly.

simplex-lock-1000 Electronic push button locks are better used in situations where more security measures are needed. They offer more options and variety in how the pin codes can be used, with sometimes multiple codes being used for different purposes such as allowing entrance to the property or building at different times during the day and night. They are more complex to install, and they often need to be attached to a power source of some kind sometimes electricity, and some operate off of a 9-volt battery. Generally the batteries last about two years before needing to be replaced, though this would also depend on the amount of use the lock gets.

When it comes to simplicity as far as the operation, and ease of installation, the Simplex Unican locks wins hands down. If your needs are complex, and you need multiple different entry codes, you should go for the electronic version

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