Millenco Magnum Yale Top-quality Sequence euro cylinders



The place did Millenco Magnum go and what happend to them? Magnum have vanished and the locks are now branded as Yale Exceptional instead of the Millenco Magnum. I Speculate if there key code playing cards nevertheless get the job done?.Fortunate for Dublin Locksmiths that the gearbox and mechanisms are continue to accessible.

Magnum created some actually pleasant locks that i would of love to get my arms on in certain there fifty percent moon cylinders.

It would of been good if millenco continue to supplied these locks even though now i suspect acquiring new keys would be rather tricky to occur by.

All in all not a lousy lock to have experienced in your door.

A minor about these locks down below:

Millenco Magnum has been Rebranded as Yale Outstanding Sequence (High Protection Cylinder)
Anti-Bump: Magnam attributes ‘V-Pins’ on each finishes to resist bumping.
Anti-Snap: The Cylinder was fastened into the lock by a steel tubular bar, appreciably strenghening what is tradionally a weak poin all-around the fixing screw.
Anti-Drill: Magnum was shielded in opposition to drilling by antidrill pins and balls on both ends.
Anti-Select: Four specific anti-decide pins on every single conclude resist selecting
Satcrificial break factors for double extraction safety

Magnum provided safety in opposition to snapping at the fixing issue, bumping, drilling and picking. An extra attribute was the inclusion of sacrificial split points on either finish of the cylinder which, together with the steel bar reinforcing the correcting level, delivers two-fold security towards extraction. This mixture is recognised as Snap-Secure technologies.

Anti-bump V pins, 4 anti-choose pins, along with anti-drill pins and balls on both equally finishes, meant that the exact Magnum cylinder could be equipped to inward or outward opening doors, doing away with the have to have for the retailer or door producer to double-stock offset dimensions.

Each cylinder was provided with a plastic key code card which the finish consumer really should retain. This was utilized to get pre-minimize replacement keys from the cylinder provider, as key blanks the place not obtainable on the Higher Avenue to raise key protection.


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