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Locksmiths Abbeyleix Getting locked out of your car can be worse than getting locked out of your home, you may be in the middle of nowhere, stuck out in the cold and rain or in a hurry to be somewhere and the frustrating thing is often your keys are within sight inside your car. Our Auto-locksmiths in Abbbeyleix actually get called out more often than other locksmiths, you can’t exactly leave a spare with a neighbor for a start, also car doors blow closed and then you find you are locked out, particularly bad if you have children in the car.

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There’s also the problem of the electrics of a car not working, some cars wont open if the battery is flat or your immobilizer may kick in for no reason, some people manage to set off their alarm and just can’t get it to stop. Our services also include a general locksmith to open locks, replace locks and change locks.

Luckily our locksmiths can deal with all of these problems. You will probably want to get a specialist car locksmith who will have specialist equipment and will have a van packed with everything he or she needs.

You could call a our locksmiths to check prices but you may simply want whoever is quickest, some are open 24 hours a day and seven days a week and may guarantee to be with you within a certain amount of time, often 15 or 30 minutes.

When your locksmith arrives they will open your car without causing damage. Other cars we will be able to pick the lock which may take a while and may worry you that it is possible but will nonetheless be a relief when you can get back into the car.

For homes and business in some cases removing the entire lock and replacing it may be the only option.

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The guys in Locksmiths 24/7 are such a delight to work with. They have vans located all across Dublin to attend any of our many Texaco garages. It’s great for a general manager to have the confidence in a contracted company for peace of mind.
Written by: Terry in Abbeyleix
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