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If you think car locksmiths show up with a Slim Jim to get you back into your car when you’ve locked your car keys inside, then you’ve been lucky enough not to lose your car keys in recent years. These days, trying the old “coat hanger trick” or using a Slim Jim is not only ineffective, it can seriously damage the lock and latch units of your car door, which are much more sophisticated now, and are, designed not to be that easy to get into. Continue reading

Locksmith Services in Dublin that You Need

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Human Beings are loaded with thousands of thoughts, tensions, pressures and chores strangulating their minds. In such situations, they often tend to become absent minded, forgetting minute as well as important details. For example, very often we have come across, or we have left the car keys inside, neatly stuck to the engine, resulting in a panic filled lockout situation.

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20 Locksmith Security Tips Every Homeowner Should Adhere To

20 Locksmith Security Tips

Security is one of the most important aspects of a home. Let’s face it, no one would live in a place or home where security is threatened. Anything that jeopardizes your safety and security of that of your property and other dwellers in your home or apartment can be a recipe for trouble. When it comes to home security, there are many factors involved.

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10 Tips to Avoid Getting Locked Out

10 Tips to Avoid Getting Locked Out

It may not be a new thing to find yourself in a situation where you can gain access to your car, house, or office, due to one reason or the other. Some of these reasons may include misplacing your keys, faulty locks, broken keys, and etc. In short, it’s mostly to do with the lock or the key. Locked out situations can be quite intimidating and stressful, not to mention that they can cost you a lot in terms of time and money. For instance, getting locked out of your car while heading to work or a job interview can have plenty of unpleasant consequences.

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How to Avoid Main Dealer High Costs for Replacement Car Keys

Avoid Main Dealers for Car Keys

Car keys are an extremely important tool for every car owner. Depending on the type and model of your vehicle, you will barely gain access into your car, let alone being able to ignite and drive it. With the multiple technological advancements in the automotive industry, car-locking and security systems have become quite sophisticated, especially for the newer vehicle models. Nevertheless, due to reasons such as key loss, misplacement, and lockouts, you may find yourself in the need to seek for replacement car keys. Continue reading

All That You Want to Know About Safes

Safes Dublin locksmith 247

Most of you collate valuables of some sort – property deeds, jewellery, cash, or even a precious family-photo collection. But few of you know the right way and right place to safely store your treasures. While thinking of the right way to secure your belongings you might come across one option – safes. However, Continue reading

Mobile 24 hour Locksmiths in Dublin

Mobile Locksmith Dublin 247

You can be as careful as possible, yet there is still one thing guaranteed if you have a car is sooner or later, you are going to lose your car keys, break them or lock them in the car. There is no getting around it. Much of the time, a frantic search around your home turns out that the keys that have been lost and the second set cant be found.

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