Keeping Your Home Safe at summer time

safe-house Our good friends at Yale Security UK have produced this great video on how to keep your home safe and secure at summer time. I know it’s a promotional video for them but the fundamentals of the video are spot on. People tend to be enjoying the summer time and forget about open doors, windows, gates and sheds. These are the times burglaries are happening most. Have a watch..

Think about how you leave your house?

  • Don’t forget to close and lock windows and doors
  • Don’t leave your shed and gates open or unlocked
  • Don’t leave keys in locks or in sight
  • Don’t keep valuable items out in view
  • Don’t leave spare keys outside the house
  • Don’t forget to cancel newspapers and milk deliveries
  • Don’t forget to set your home alarm

We have done plenty of security checks on homes all across Dublin. We don’t only provide Locksmiths in Dublin but home Safes, CCTV Camera Systems and Alarm Systems 24hr a day. Give us a call and speak with a specialist today.