How to Avoid Main Dealer High Costs for Replacement Car Keys

Avoid Main Dealers for Car Keys

Car keys are an extremely important tool for every car owner. Depending on the type and model of your vehicle, you will barely gain access into your car, let alone being able to ignite and drive it. With the multiple technological advancements in the automotive industry, car-locking and security systems have become quite sophisticated, especially for the newer vehicle models. Nevertheless, due to reasons such as key loss, misplacement, and lockouts, you may find yourself in the need to seek for replacement car keys.

In most cases, new car keys are not usually cheap to acquire. It’s not the usual cheap affair of having to walk to a local hardware store or using handy locksmiths. Depending on the type of your vehicle and the type of key you use, replacement keys can cost you an approximate of between €200 and €750, sometimes even a thousands or more to acquire.

Main dealer replacement car keys usually are high cost, especially since the keys need re-cutting and reprogramming for the car to unlock and start. However, there are a few alternatives that can save you on costs. Here is how to avoid main dealer high costs for replacement car keys.

Ways to Avoid High Dealership Costs on Car Key Replacement

1. Use Car Insurance Claims

In the case of theft or the loss of your car keys, auto insurance can also help reduce or cover the costs of car key replacements. However, this depends on the terms and conditions of your particular auto insurance policy. Some auto locksmiths that liaise with auto insurance companies can sort you out and claim payment from the policy provider.

2. Get a Key-Locator Device

Sometimes it’s simply a matter of misplacement rather than the loss of keys. A key locator device is designed to assist you to locate your keys in case you just misplaced them at home or in the office. These can cost as little as €50 but they may help you avoid not only the high dealership car key replacement costs but also hours of frustration. These can be ideal for people who lose their keys often.

3. Upgrade to Waterproof Keys

Especially if your car keys have broken inside the ignition a couple of times, it may be right about time, you upgraded to special waterproof or shockproof set of keys through a reputed auto locksmith. This is a great measure to ensure you save money on car key replacement costs that would be incurred when getting a new set from the main dealer.

4. Hire an Experienced Auto Locksmith

Auto locksmiths come in handy for car owners, especially in situations such as car lockout. They provide a more reasonable alternative to car dealerships when it comes to car key replacements. A professional locksmith has the expertise it takes to re-cut your car keys and re-code the security/unlock mechanism for most keys used by modern vehicle models.

What’s more interesting is that the cost can be way much cheaper than approaching the main dealer for replacement keys. A good number of the best locksmiths also liaise with manufacturers of certain vehicle brands and may have aftermarket keys for your particular make and model.

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Dont Use Car Key Main DealersIn addition, a professional car locksmith in Dublin can also advice you on some of the best ways to avoid odd scenarios such as car lockouts as well as upgrading your vehicle’s security. In case your car door locks need an upgrade or you need some spare keys for your car, a good locksmith will comfortably assist.

This is probably the best way to avoid high costs of car key replacements from main dealers. The process is mostly simple, provided you have the necessary self and vehicle registration documents to provide proof of ownership before your replacement key is made.

Also, be sure to adhere to the resourceful information provided by one of our articles on the 10 tips to avoid getting locked out. All in all, the most effective way to avoid the huge car key replacement costs is to stay prepared in advance by hiring a professional car locksmith. You don’t have to wait until it’s an emergency. It can save you lots of stress, time, and money.