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Most of you collate valuables of some sort – property deeds, jewellery, cash, or even a precious family-photo collection. But few of you know the right way and right place to safely store your treasures. While thinking of the right way to secure your belongings you might come across one option – safes. However, while you are in the process of selecting an appropriate safe for your home or workplace, it is essential to take into consideration the risk, the value and the significance of the items you are protecting. The more valuable the assets you are protecting, the higher the rating you should purchase.

Don’t be misguided and fooled by an attractive safe that will look nothing more than a show piece for your living room and offer little in the way of protection. If you want to secure and store your valuable assets in a durable safe, you would certainly not want to make the mistake of purchasing a standard B-rate safe, which can be conquered and crushed by burglars within a few minutes. It is crucial to buy a high rated safe to make sure that all your valuable assets are safe at your home and workplace.

Often people who are not in the safe business might assume that a safe is a safe, and doesn’t know the basic and essential difference between the varieties of different safes available these days. You might also be unaware of the fact that there are various levels of protection that safes offer. High security safes deliver the top tier level of protection that are required by banks, jewellery stores, gold brokers, and other related locations.

High security safes are built with steel construction and / or a multiple-layer composite construction of metals and other materials that provide extra fire resistance. These safes are quite heavier than a standard residential safe, like a gun safe or fire box.

You have to bolt down the gun safes as they are light enough that they can easily be carted off by a burglar, while on the other hand a high security safe is generally heavy enough that any burglar will not be able to move it without a lot of time available and special tools. High Security safes come equipped with a special hard plate mounted in front of the lock. This plate prevents drilling the lock.

Installing your Security Safe

No matter how high quality your security safe is of, it will fail to provide the desired burglar resistance for its contents if it hasn’t been installed correctly. Even worse situation will be that your insurance company will most likely decline to cover any losses if it emerges that the safe was incorrectly or inappropriately installed.

For your security safe to be properly placed and installed, it has to be anchored to either a wall or floor with the help of a fixing kit. In many situations, this means using bolts to fix the safe. The bolts enter the safe through holes in its base or in its rear wall. While different sizes of safe generally require several anchor bolts, and some might only require one. Check with the safe supplier for getting the appropriate bolts.

It is essential that you use only the supplied bolts or bolts of an identical specification. The main goal and purpose of this effective anchoring system is to avoid the unauthorised removal of your safe, thus, losing your valuable belongings kept in that safe. Owing to the advancement of technology, modern security safes are increasingly lightweight, hence making them portable and easy to carry, particularly smaller models designed for your home. Without anchoring, it will be quite easy for a burglar to simply pick up the safe and walk away, then break into it in some other location.

A look at various factors to consider while choosing a location for installing your safe:

Environment: Most security safes in Ireland come with a protective powder coat finish. If you live in an area susceptible to flooding then positioning the safe in your basement or on a ground floor is not recommended.

Accessibility: If you propose to frequently remove and replace items in the safe that you use daily, then you have to install the safe somewhere that is moderately easy to access.

Weight: If you plan to install the heavy safe anywhere but on the ground floor, make sure that the floor can bear its weight.

Camouflage: It is better to protect your safe and its contents by making sure that it can’t be found by burglars in the first place. Most of the burglars start their search for valuables in the main bedroom of a house, so decide to install the safe elsewhere. You can also think of camouflaging it in some way.

Suitable space: Always remember to allow room for the door of the safe to open fully. If the door is obstructed by a nearby wall or any other hindrance, it might not be viable to place larger items in your safe.

Consider the mentioned factors to choose a perfect location for installing your safe and safeguard your valuable belongings., a reliable name, has being in the locksmith and safe industry for over 25 years. The company has built their potential business on customer satisfaction and serving their needs. They operate throughout Ireland and have local offices in an area near you. aims to provide you with excellent customer service from start to finish. The company provides effective safe solutions for you home as well as your work place.

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