Alfa Romeo Key Replacement

Alfa Romeo Car Keys

Alfa Romeo Logo Car keys are essential for the automotive security of your vehicles and help in keeping your car safe even when you are away from them. Quick replacement Alfa Remeo is essential for keys that have become old and have worn out over time.

Repeated use of car keys can cause them to wear off, and a replacement is necessary to help you continue to have access to your vehicle. Old keys must be replaced in a timely manner to ensure that the security of your vehicle is not compromised in any manner.

Alfa Romeo Makes and Models

We Cut, Repair and Replace all Alfa Romeo makes and models

  • Alfa Romeo 147 Key Replacement
  • Alfa Romeo 156 Key Replacement
  • Alfa Romeo 159 Key Replacement
  • Alfa Romeo 166 Key Replacement
  • Alfa Romeo BRERA Key Replacement
  • Alfa Romeo GIULIETTA Key Replacement
  • Alfa Romeo GT Key Replacement
  • Alfa Romeo GTV Key Replacement
  • Alfa Romeo MITO Key Replacement
  • Alfa Romeo SPIDER Key Replacement

These are the most popular, if your make or model is not listed – contact us

Emergency Response

We also have a dedicated team of auto locksmith technicians for immediate response to the customers queries in certain cases like an individual suddenly losing the car key in the midst of the journey and some other similar issues. We can open the car doors even if you have the transponder key.

Call us immediately: 1800 47 47 47

Common Alfa Romeo Key issues include:

  • Leaving your key back in the car while leaving it and locking doors
  • Keys getting stuck into the ignition or breaking off inside the ignition
  • Misplace or Loss of your only Alfa Romeo car key
  • Ignition mechanism getting stuck

New Alfa Romeo Car Key


Thanks to Cliff at Auto Locksmiths 24/7 I got a replacement Alfa Romeo car key and re-codded 30% cheaper than the main Alfa Romeo dealer in Dublin. Lesson learned! Don’t bring your car keys our on a night out.
Written by: Cian – Alfa Romeo Key
Alfa Romeo replacement key
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